Looking after your Wendy House and why your Wendy house needs protection.

Wendy Houses can last for many years if correctly maintained. From the earliest time we have used wood as building material. Wood is strong and flexible and it looks good if well finished.

In its natural form wood is protected by its bard and nurtured by natural sap. When these elements are removed the wood would dry-out and rot. Therefore protection is needed to keep wood looking good. We take wood from a tree and then need to substitute the protection offered in its natural environment. Once the tree has been cut down and milled all the natural protection is removed and this protection needs to be replaced as soon as possible. Understanding what bark and the natural sap in trees does to protect wood we know we need to protect the wood inside and out. Generally Wendy houses are exposed to the same environment as the tree.

Wood needs a product that will penetrate deep into the grain and still allow the wood to breath. There are many products available that will protect against rain and the suns UV-rays. Most wood sealers provide an attractive finish and long lasting protection against the sun and rain. Exterior sealers that would be used to protect your Wendy house from the elements are available in low gloss or gloss and clear, meranti, dark brown and russet. Most Wendy houses are put together using a porous wood and that makes it easier to protect. The porous wood will allow the sealer to penetrate deep into the grain and allow for maximum protection.

A well maintained Wendy house can enhance your garden and add value to your home. Keep your Wendy looking good and protected from the weather.

Preparation is an important part of the maintenance process. Please refer to the documentation on your preferred sealer for directions.

Basic preparation: (applies to most sealers)

  • Remember – safety first.
  • Check that you have all the correct tools
  • Remove the old finish. ( Some sealers are biodegradable)
  • Depending in the surface and weather damage sanding down the wood might be necessary.
  • Ensure that the wood is dry.
  • Clean the surface. Wipe it down with some mineral turpentine.
  • Plan your Wendy house maintenance for early in the day allowing enough time for the sealer to penetrate before dew, mist or rain occurs.
  • Even when working with an exterior sealer always make sure the area is well ventilated.

With a little time and care you can keep your Wendy house looking great.


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