A Wendy House is cost effective and there uses are plenty. The children want a Wendy House to play in, Dad needs a Wendy House to store his tools in and Mom needs a Wendy House for her garden tools and all the stuff she cant store in the house. Whatever the need it is likely that Wendy House will meet your need for that extra space at home. Neat and affordable.

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Wendy House

Wendy House

The versatile wendy house that has stood the test of time. Make sure the wood is treated before the house is assembled. Treating after assembly is not recommended.

Tip Top Wendy’s

We don’t just build, install or renovate – we innovate. We are passionate and excited about every wood wendy house. To get the best quality, ensure the use of natural dried wood.
We are available to help you get the quality wood house you are looking for.

Standard Wendy house with Portch

Standard Wendy house with Porch

  • Dollhouses – for boys and girls in your choice of colors
  • Tool sheds – Big and small
  • Wood houses – Single room, granny flat Big houses Double story houses
  • Security guard houses – For one or more
  • Spaza shops – With a hatch opening, ready to use
  • Classrooms – For a crèche or school
  • Closing of lapas – Just for looks, using for extra room, or keep the cold and wind out
  • Bird aviaries

Tips for wendy house buyers

  • Do not buy over the phone, visit the factory or send a friend to verify the quality of the wood houses.
  • Ask for references.
  • Make sure that the wood houses are build with naturally dried wood.

Advice from Tip Top Wendy’s

You will find all types of Wendy’s:

Pallet wood wendys
Log profile wendys
Knotty pine wendys
S.A pine louvre wendys

Wendy’s can be built to customer specification to meet all budgets. So if your need is affordable accommodation, dollhouses, tool sheds, servants quarters, granny flats or holiday houses, a Wendy is perfect! Its even possible to relocate you wendy should the need arise.

Wooden houses are warm in winter and cool in summer making them ideal for all types of weather.

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