Setting Out

Now you are all ready to add that much wanted extra storage space, garden shed or play room. First, clear the space of all undergrowth and other items that might be in the way.

Start leveling the site by removing topsoil. This can be used in other parts of the garden. If there are hollows, fill them, otherwise they may later fill with water and cause dampness.

If you find any sign of termites, the ground in the area will need special treatment before the concrete slab has been laid.

Stretch a tight string line between four posts – this will assist in setting up the position of the outer edge of the slab. It is recommended to use a good metal tape for measuring as we would want the slab to be square and the correct size.

Use your builders square to check right angles; making a mistake in setting out your slab can create many difficulties later, so don’t be happy until you have precision. Don’t forget to refer to your Wendy-House DIY plan for dimensions.

Wendy houses are versatile, cute, relatively inexpensive and wonderful to play in or store all your unnecessary items.

Planning a wendy House

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