When plastic is not recycled it ends up in the landfill with garbage or becomes waste in the environment. Without recycling, this “wasted” plastic cannot be reworked and reused. Instead, “new” plastic must be made, requiring the use of natural resources. So you are going green and doing something for the environment well done!

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Wendy house

A Wendy house or playhouse is a small house for children, large enough for one or more children to enter. Size and solidity can vary from a plastic kit to something resembling a real house in a child’s size. Usually there is one room, a doorway with a window on either side, and little or no furniture other than that which the children improvise.

The original was built for Wendy Darling in J. M. Barrie’s play, Peter Pan, or The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up. Wendy was shot by the Lost Boy Tootles after arriving in Neverland, so Peter Pan and the Lost Boys built a small house around her where she had fallen. It was inspired by the wash-house behind Barrie’s childhood home in Kirriemuir[1] and first appeared in story form in The Little White Bird in which fairies build a house around Mamie Mannering—the prototype for Wendy—so protecting her from the cold.[2]

A prop house was created by Barrie for the first stage production of the play in 1904. It was constructed like a tent so that it could be erected quickly during a song which Wendy starts with:

“ I wish I had a darling house

The littlest ever seen,

With funny little red walls

And roof of mossy green.[2] ”

John’s hat was used as a chimney and a slipper was used as a door knocker. Toy manufacturers soon created replicas of the stage Wendy house, which have become a standard toy found in British gardens ever since.[1]

Another take on the origin of the name “Wendy House” in South Africa,[3] is that it comes from the building of a doll’s house for a young lady called Wendy in Pretoria in the mid 60s (the doll’s house rather like that of Wendy in Peter Pan). In this case, however, during construction of the doll’s house, a regular question to the builder was “How’s Wendy’s house?”. This name, “Wendy’s house”, stuck amongst the constructors, and was eventually used by all building this type of construction.

South African usage

In South Africa it is usually used as a form of accommodation for many low income earners. The structure would usually be erected in someone’s backyard. Although many people may view this as “temporary” accommodation, many families have lived in such a structure for years. It is very popular among the coloured population in South Africa; among the larger black population it is often constructed from corrugated iron instead of wood.

The term ‘wendy house’ usually refers to the wooden temporary accommodation, although there are various other types.[4] Corrugated iron structures are called ‘shacks’, while cement board structures are called ‘nutecs’.

A few online companies offer rustic or corrugated iron varieties: these are usually set up by the individuals directly to avoid the price increase that comes with external suppliers. Most of the online established companies set up only wooden[5] or nutec structures. The quality of these companies varies greatly.

Among the more affluent white population, wendy houses are used as entertainment huts or children’s play houses.

Woodoc Products: Floor Sealers

Woodoc 25 – SatinWoodoc 25 Satin is a remarkably tough wear resistant floor sealer. It imparts a distinctive natural sheen to floors, and creates a deep natural “polished” look that enhances the colour and grain of all woods. Available in Clear/Oregon-tinted.

Woodoc 25 – MattWoodoc 25 Matt is a remarkably tough, wear resistant floor sealer. It imparts a hard wearing matt finish that enhances the colour and grain of all woods. Available in Clear/Oregon-tinted.

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Benefits of light steel frames | Light Steel Frame Structures

Benefits of light steel frames

Steel is not an organic material

The fact that steel is not an organic material means that the structural steel frame will not deteriorate with time.  The structural components of a steel frame home will never rot, warp, split, move, or crack.  In fact, the steel framing will remain the same as the day it was erected for generations to come!

Steel framing is non-toxic and healthier for those with hypersensitive allergies

Much of the wood used in wood frame homes is impregnated with resins and varying chemicals that affect some people with hypersensitive allergies.  Steel eliminates these problems for these consumers and results in a healthier and more comfortable environment for them.

Steel frames are fastened together with screws and bolts, not nails and glue or mortar

Structural steel frame components are attached to one another with screws and bolts.  Screws and bolts are considered permanent fasteners because they are stronger and will not come loose over time.  The nails used in wood frames and trusses are considered temporary fasteners that may loosen overtime with the movement of the wood framing as the house ‘settles’.

Steel frame studs and components come to the construction site straight and true in form

Unlike the warped, twisted, and bowed wood beams and brandering steel studs and trusses and components are all the same . . . straight and true in form.  Steel frame studs are manufactured under stringent codes and procedures which result in every piece being straight.  When a builder can begin with straight and dimensionally true framing members, they can achieve better results.  This reason alone allows steel frame homes to achieve straighter rooflines, more level and plum walls, and a better finished appearance. The allowed tolerance on a typical steel frame between panels is 0.5 of a millimeter.

Steel frame homes are far more energy efficient

All of the added insulation in a steel homes walls and cavities means that the steel frame homeowner can reduce their heating and cooling costs by as much as 35% when compared to the same home built out of  a wood frame. Brick houses without insulation will perform worse.  These savings are monthly and the homeowner will enjoy the savings for the life of the home.

Steel frame homes are easier to maintain and remodel

Because steel is so strong, it can span large areas of a home often without requiring load-bearing support walls. The majority of the interior walls end up being non-load bearing.  If ever a homeowner’s needs change and a wall must be removed or moved to expand a room size, chances are it can simply be unbolted and moved to its new location or removed all together.  Also, this benefit allows homeowners more flexibility in designing their home’s floor plan since most of the interior is structurally similar to that of a vacant warehouse.  Homeowners can design their own floor plans, make changes to current floor plans or modify floor plans easily. Once the walls are erected, they can then ‘see’ the interior framed and decide whether or not they are happy with the room sizes. If not, the framing crew can unbolt the walls and move them to satisfy the customer with little issue or problem.

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Wendys and Sheds – Info

Wendy Houses & Sheds

The perfect spot to store those garden tools or kids toys.

All our Wendys and Sheds come standard with pressure treated floor bearers and framing. This treament has a 15 YEAR GARANTEE against rotting, and as if that is not enough, we also apply a protective sealer to protect against the sun and rain. You have the option of a wide variety of sizes to choose from or we can custom make your Wendy house or shed to your specific requirements.

Standard Wendys & Sheds

Our Standard option (available in 1.8m / 2.1m wall height) is constructed from a 16 x 95mm tongue and groove Pine for walls and 16mm tongue and groove for the floor. They all come standard with a 800mm wide door and corrugated iron roof.

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Wendys and Sheds – roof insulation

Roof Insulation: Alububble roof insulation is a must if you wish to keep the interior of your Wendy house or Shed cool in the summer sun and warm during winter chill. The product is amazingly effective and is very good value for money. Roof insulation not only serves it primary purpose of comfort, but also provides an aesthetically pleasing ceiling at the same time for a fraction of the cost!

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Wendy Cape | Wendy houses: Home

Our new All Weather Wendy

6mm Wood grain NUTEC-SABS approved (asbestos-free fibre cement)

Water and Wind resistant

Fire Resistant

Low maintenance

14 Different Sizes

5 year structural guarantee

Resistant to fungus and rodents

Environmentally friendly

Supplied with:

– Galvanized corrugated iron roof sheets

– Aluminium window

– 6mm shutter ply wall cladding inside

– Tongue and groove wooden floor

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Different Styles of Wendy Houses

There are many different styles of Wendy houses. We now have some synthetic materials that compete price wise with our traditional wooden Wendy houses. You will find that almost all Wendy house suppliers can construct a Children’s play house to an outside store room in three different types of wood.

  • Log profile
  • knotty pine
  • pallet wood

and the price will vary accordingly.
There’s quite a range in density and strength when it comes to Pine Wood. Pine wood does not usually have a high resistance to decay, but they do have a tendency to absorb preservatives rather well. This adsorbing quality allows the pine to last many years if cared for correctly. Most Wendy House suppliers use wood that has been CCA treated. CCA is a water borne inorganic formulation which is vacuum pressure impregnated into the wood offering long term protection across all hazard classes (H2 – H6) against wood borers, termites and wood decay. One of the world famous TANALISED ® C brand. The wood commonly has no odour. Most pine species are not difficult or time consuming to dry properly and are easy to work with. There are just over 100 species of pine trees.

Many companies offer written guarantees and we believe that this should be taken into consideration before purchasing you Wendy House. It might also be possible to find out where the wood comes from and inquire from the Sawmill if the wood used has been treated.