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J.C Wendy Houses

J.C Wendy Houses

Wendy houses are perfect for living in, and can be used for storage as well. JC Wendy houses have been building wendy...
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Wendy Houses for sale Cape Town

If you searching for Wendy Houses for Sale Cape Town, you have found them. A list of companies in Cape town that supply wendy houses to the public.
Below you can find information on a wendy house. This Wendy house is 1.2m X 2.4m, so better for storage. Some points to ponder while searching for your Wendy House in the Cape Town Area.
• All timber is pressure treated.
• Floors are built on 38x45mm framing.
• Floors are 19mm thick tongue and groove.
• Walls are built with 38x45mm framing
• Internal wall cladding pressure treated MDF
• External wall tongue & groove weatherboard.
• All windows are perspex.

Overall size is 1.2metres wide by 2.4 metres long by approximately 2.0 metres high.

Wendy Houses for sale Cape Town

Wendy Houses