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Benefits of light steel frames

Steel is not an organic material

The fact that steel is not an organic material means that the structural steel frame will not deteriorate with time.  The structural components of a steel frame home will never rot, warp, split, move, or crack.  In fact, the steel framing will remain the same as the day it was erected for generations to come!

Steel framing is non-toxic and healthier for those with hypersensitive allergies

Much of the wood used in wood frame homes is impregnated with resins and varying chemicals that affect some people with hypersensitive allergies.  Steel eliminates these problems for these consumers and results in a healthier and more comfortable environment for them.

Steel frames are fastened together with screws and bolts, not nails and glue or mortar

Structural steel frame components are attached to one another with screws and bolts.  Screws and bolts are considered permanent fasteners because they are stronger and will not come loose over time.  The nails used in wood frames and trusses are considered temporary fasteners that may loosen overtime with the movement of the wood framing as the house ‘settles’.

Steel frame studs and components come to the construction site straight and true in form

Unlike the warped, twisted, and bowed wood beams and brandering steel studs and trusses and components are all the same . . . straight and true in form.  Steel frame studs are manufactured under stringent codes and procedures which result in every piece being straight.  When a builder can begin with straight and dimensionally true framing members, they can achieve better results.  This reason alone allows steel frame homes to achieve straighter rooflines, more level and plum walls, and a better finished appearance. The allowed tolerance on a typical steel frame between panels is 0.5 of a millimeter.

Steel frame homes are far more energy efficient

All of the added insulation in a steel homes walls and cavities means that the steel frame homeowner can reduce their heating and cooling costs by as much as 35% when compared to the same home built out of  a wood frame. Brick houses without insulation will perform worse.  These savings are monthly and the homeowner will enjoy the savings for the life of the home.

Steel frame homes are easier to maintain and remodel

Because steel is so strong, it can span large areas of a home often without requiring load-bearing support walls. The majority of the interior walls end up being non-load bearing.  If ever a homeowner’s needs change and a wall must be removed or moved to expand a room size, chances are it can simply be unbolted and moved to its new location or removed all together.  Also, this benefit allows homeowners more flexibility in designing their home’s floor plan since most of the interior is structurally similar to that of a vacant warehouse.  Homeowners can design their own floor plans, make changes to current floor plans or modify floor plans easily. Once the walls are erected, they can then ‘see’ the interior framed and decide whether or not they are happy with the room sizes. If not, the framing crew can unbolt the walls and move them to satisfy the customer with little issue or problem.

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