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Our "”NUTECH FIBRE CEMENT” Wendy houses are engineered to give you practical, quality, Durability and weather-proof Wendy houses which require no maintenance. Choose from our variety of Nutech Wendy House sizes for the perfect solution to your space and accommodation requirement. We are proud to introduce the new ultra durable fibre cement Wendy House. This upmarket Wendy house is more weather resistant and 90% less maintanance than its wooden predecessor.

The fibre cement sidding walls are more suitable for climate change, this construction is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, unlike our wooden predecessor.

The walls of this Wendy House, can be painted to complement the colour and texture of your home.

Advantages of Nutech Fibre cement board:

# The Wendy House, is Ultra Durable, smooth finishing, Can be painted any color.
# All the products used in building this Wendy House, are SABS approved
# This Wendy House, Does not shrink or swell ( Unlike our Wooden Predecessor)
# Asbestos free
# Environmentally Friendly ( Green Product)
# Water and Wind resistant
# This will be the new style Cabin, Wendy House, for the future
# Ultra low maintenance

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    Show Wendy House manufacturers and installers country-wide. The term “wendy house” usually refers to the wooden temporary accommodation, although there are various other types. Wendy houses are used as entertainment huts, children’s playhouses, or for storage as well as a garden shed. The structure is usually erected in someone’s backyard. Find a Wendy House supplier in South Africa.


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