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Get it on Credit or Lay Buy
We’ve made it easier than ever to buy your wendy or nutec house.

Buy it on credit fron us little as R600 per month,
or lay buy it by creating an account on our website, and depositing funds into your own Pimp My Wendy Wallet
Our Nutec Houses are build with Nutec Building Planks and boards that gives the realistic look and feel of wood. It’s the perfect choice for a second dwelling that complements your property and add space, without costing an arm and a leg. It’s also the perfect solution for families that have ran out of space or simply have to solve the problem of where to live.
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    Show Wendy House manufacturers and installers country-wide. The term “wendy house” usually refers to the wooden temporary accommodation, although there are various other types. Wendy houses are used as entertainment huts, children’s playhouses, or for storage as well as a garden shed. The structure is usually erected in someone’s backyard. Find a Wendy House supplier in South Africa.


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