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We are a Pietermaritzburg based company that is best for manufacturing the strongest wendy houses from new pine that is treated with waxol. We provide all sizes and we deliver all over KwaZulu Natal and areas around the province's borders. Our standard wendy house payment method is strictly Cash On Delivery. We have got no hidden costs and we have a traceable history of clean jobs. Ordering a wendy house is only a phone call away, you simply need to know the size or the number of rooms you want, give us your address and the deal is done.

Homepride Wendy’s specialises in constructing unique Wendy houses in KwaZulu Natal and some areas around its borders. We manufacture our Wendy houses using our standard sizes or in accordance with clients’ specifications.

Homepride Wendy’s is a very well-known company that has got branches to cater for the whole of KZN. We have been constructing Wendy houses for over 15 years and had great responses from our satisfied clients.

In the last 15 years of being the best Wendy house supplier in KZN, we have managed to design and supply several Wendy houses to clients whom laid their trust in us in terms of professionalism, quality products and customer friendly services. We pride ourselves with maximum possible relationship with new and existing clients


– lightweight

– natural/eco-friendly

– can be built on sloppy ground

– readily available

– durable

– transportable

– movable

– flexible for many applications

– simply beautiful

Quality wendy houses

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Show Wendy House manufacturers and installers country-wide. The term “wendy house” usually refers to the wooden temporary accommodation, although there are various other types. Wendy houses are used as entertainment huts, children’s playhouses, or for storage as well as a garden shed. The structure is usually erected in someone’s backyard. Find a Wendy House supplier in South Africa.


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