Different Styles of Wendy Houses

There are many different styles of Wendy houses. We now have some synthetic materials that compete price wise with our traditional wooden Wendy houses. You will find that almost all Wendy house suppliers can construct a Children’s play house to an outside store room in three different types of wood.

  • Log profile
  • knotty pine
  • pallet wood

and the price will vary accordingly.
There’s quite a range in density and strength when it comes to Pine Wood. Pine wood does not usually have a high resistance to decay, but they do have a tendency to absorb preservatives rather well. This adsorbing quality allows the pine to last many years if cared for correctly. Most Wendy House suppliers use wood that has been CCA treated. CCA is a water borne inorganic formulation which is vacuum pressure impregnated into the wood offering long term protection across all hazard classes (H2 – H6) against wood borers, termites and wood decay. One of the world famous TANALISED ® C brand. The wood commonly has no odour. Most pine species are not difficult or time consuming to dry properly and are easy to work with. There are just over 100 species of pine trees.

Many companies offer written guarantees and we believe that this should be taken into consideration before purchasing you Wendy House. It might also be possible to find out where the wood comes from and inquire from the Sawmill if the wood used has been treated.

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